Prevention Starts At Home 

Order THC detection kits that give results in 20 seconds at Price varies on quantity ordered. Thank you and contact us today. 

Spot Kits:What you need to know 

It’s easier than everfor kids to smuggle pot into school. New test kit can be used by parents,  and schools to detect THC  on clothing, in vape pens, gummies, cookies and more. Get in the know with marijuana/thc test kits which are easy to use and spot the drugs on a surface in a matter of minutes. Stop the guess work and get in the know. Know what you are dealing.  Be informed. 

Spot Kits available for the detection of nicotine, THC, and other drugs. Contact us today by email toplace your order, double packs, four packs or quantity bulk orders. Orders now shipping in Canada and to the United Kingdom and Australia. 

Orders in the USA from use promo code PJM for discount. Package of four or cases quoted on request. 

 January 8 2019 release date for Tell Your Children - order your copy today on the link below and get ahead of the discussion on marijuana use and the vector to mental illness.  We are accepting book reviews to post on this site.  

New book release date January 8 2019. Order today through or contact us for bulk orders.  Discounts applicable on quantity orders. Tell Your Children by Alex Berenson 


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